What are the Benefits of Membership Websites to Businesses?

What is a Membership Website?

There are lots of websites and WordPress blogs that present most of their content on the home page. This allows visitors to check out exactly what the site has to offer without the need of going through some sort of registration system. These types of sites are good to set up if you want to create a great impression and encourage people to bookmark your site immediately.

However, interaction can be a bit on the limited side and setting up a system that can turn your ordinary site into a membership website can do the trick. There are various approaches to making your first membership website, even if you are doing it for your business. Of course, understanding a bit more about a membership site and how it works can guide you to installing the right plug-ins and scripts.

About a Membership Website

What is a Membership Website?A membership website is basically a website that has offers good quality content to every visitor, but also offers premium content that is only available to members of the site. You should notice if a particular site is a membership website if it has a login form. Some membership sites are free for members to register, while others charge members a small fee to access premium content and material.

If you set up a membership site for yourself, you have complete control over what your visitors need to do in order to become a member. You can also elect to charge a membership fee and choose what benefits your members will actually get in return.

A good example of such a website is a forum where ordinary guests may have the ability to check out certain sections, while registered members may have full access to these sections including some private ones as well as the ability to post. Forum solutions can be difficult to set up because they already come with lots of features.

On the other hand, WordPress is much simpler and offers the same type of private membership sections that are distinctly separate from the free-to-access sections. It is also expandable if you install plug-ins that are necessary to add those exclusive membership features.

Benefits of Membership Websites to BusinessesWhat is a Membership Website?

Many online businesses understand the value in offering their customers a way to access ‘privileged’ information. This could be accessing premium content, unique discounts, private downloadable reports or software, or any number of things you might want to offer.

Of course, you may not want the general public accessing these things, which is where having a membership site can be so valuable. Not only does it allow you to keep track of who’s accessing your site’s private sections, but it also allows you to keep in touch with loyal customers.

The software available for creating membership sites was once quite intricate and required some knowledge of website coding to install. These days, WordPress has made the entire idea of creating a private “members only” website much simpler just by using a WordPress plug-in.

There are also plug-ins that can add e-commerce functionality to your site, so you won’t have to hire a professional web developer to create an e-commerce site from scratch. Combined with the fact that there are so many WordPress templates available, your business can still have that unique identity with all the features necessary to serve your audience.


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