How to Optimize Your Videos ready for Video Marketing

All Video Formats for Video Marketing are the same – right?  –   WRONG!

If you are using video for your business it is critical that you optimize your videos ready to be played on any computer or device.

There is a very simple way you can do that.

First up… Download the FREE Handbrake software.

Here are the settings you need to follow when Optimizing your videos…


It is important when uploading videos for use online (with any system) that they are converted to a web friendly format.

If they are not in a web friendly format or are too large them the browser will struggle to load the file at it will take time to load for visitors. This is why it is important to upload your videos in the right format. This is especially true for mobile devices, and even more so when the viewer is on a less fast internet connection.

I would recommend using HandBrake to convert your videos quickly and easily before uploading to a Video Software like EVP2. Handbrake is a free piece of software which you can get here

This software will convert the videos for you really easily.

Please follow these steps:

#1 Select your video file by clicking on ‘Source’ and then ‘Video file’.

#2 Click ‘Browse’ next to the destination field, and select where you would like to place the newly converted file

#3 Click on the ‘iPhone and iPod Touch’ preset, on the right-hand side

#4 Tick the box next to ‘Web optimised’

#5 Make sure that the destination file is set to have mp4 as the file extension – sometimes Handbrake chooses m4v and this must be changed to mp4

#6 Click Start at the top

#7 Re-upload your video into EVP!

The iPhone 3 and iPod Touch can only play videos which are resized to 640×480. This Handbrake preset does this for you. On the iPhone 4 and iPad, video files can be larger, however they must still be converted to mp4 – the only step you should omit if you are only interested in the iPhone 4 and iPad is choosing the preset.

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