When you perform a keyword search, you are finding the actual words and phrases that

Keyword Search – What is it and Why is it Relevant for Online Marketing

There is an infinite number of websites and varying online businesses out there. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they fall into all industries, categories and niches. So what do the successful ones all have in common? They have all effectively performed a keyword search that enables their business to reach its audience. Without a real keyword search, you’re swimming in the dark, and you’re simply failing to do what you can to make yourself successful.


Why Effective Keyword Search is so Important

A keyword search is the ultimate tool that you have in your disposal for online marketing and online business. It’s what enables you to match a product, business or service with an audience. When you perform a keyword search, you are finding the actual words and phrases that individuals use when they are conducting searches on the web.

This is vital to your success, because it shows you what your market actually is. You’ll see how many searches per day, month or year that are made for each term. In this way you can find out how much demand there is for a particular topic. You’ll also find out how people are talking about the topic, so while you might have been trying to optimize for “auto mechanics” you might see that everyone actually uses the phrase “car repair shops”.

You’ll also be able to see how much competition there is surrounding different words and phrases. The most generic terms with the highest search counts will probably have loads of competition, which means you’ll have an impossible time of seeing success with them. Digging up longer tail keywords or less popular keywords and phrases can therefore be a great strategy.


Keyword Search Tips

As mentioned above, you don’t want to fall into the trap with a keyword search of simply trying to target the most common and popular phrases. It will be extraordinarily difficult to rank for them in most cases. “Car repair shops” might have 10 times more searches than “discount car repair shop”, but if it has 100 times the competition, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Choosing slightly less popular or common phrases that have significantly less competition is the far better route, and that’s one of the essentials of a keyword search.

You’re trying to balance popularity and competition to find the right phrases that you can win with in the search engines. You can then optimize your website surrounding these words and phrases, and you’ll get found in the rankings much more highly, and more frequently.

An effective keyword search is absolutely vital for online marketing. Without it, you can’t really perform any SEO, because you don’t know what you should be optimizing. Additionally, you can be inadvertently targeting phrases that are too competitive or too unpopular to produce results. A keyword search eliminates these problems and offers great insight on the direction you should be moving in with your online marketing efforts.

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