How do You Measure Your Social Media Marketing

How do You Measure Your Social Media Marketing

How do you measure your social media marketing? It’s one of the most important questions that webmasters and business owners need to be asking themselves these days. Yet, it’s also one that goes largely unanswered in the majority of circumstances. It’s very important to your success, your efficiency and your growth that you measure everything you do in order to gauge and improve performance. Therefore, answering the how do you measure your social media question is huge.


How do You Measure: You do Measure, Right?

As already mentioned, most companies and individuals fail to answer the question of how do you measure, because they don’t measure at all. They just hear things like “you need to be on Facebook!” so they go ahead and create a page, update it twice per quarter, and then fail to see any results. But if you ask them if they are happy or not with their performance, they’ll probably boast about yes, we are on Facebook, we must be doing good!

Of course this isn’t the way it works in the real world. Simply creating a presence on a service like this isn’t going to get you anywhere. You actually need to be measuring your results, or else how are you supposed to know if what you’re doing is worth your time and effort, and worth any money that you may be investing as well? How will you know how to improve, what to stop and what to do more of, what to tweak, what your customers are liking, or anything else? You need to answer the question of how do you measure, first and foremost, by ensuring that you are doing anything that measures and tracks results in some way.

How do You Measure Best Practices

The reason so many people avoid learning about how do you measure social media is because it can be difficult to track performance with numbers. Therefore, what you really need to do is set certain clear and specific goals and then track your performance against those. For example, you might want to redirect 500 visitors per month from your social media pages to your website.

You can easily track with this with any website tracking software, such as Google Analytics. Or you might want to set a different goal of growing your presence on a site by a certain amount, let’s say reaching 500 fans on Facebook. This is another element that’s easy to quantify and will help gauge your overall performance.

When you really want to dig deep and churn up some fantastic data, then you should be setting up funnels through Analytics, or your other tracking software. You’ll see much more than referrals, you can set up funnels and goals to see how many people came to your site from another site, like Facebook, and ended up making a purchase, filling out a “request more information” form, or anything else you’re looking to do. Now that’s a great answer to the how do you measure social media question, so it’s time to get started for yourself.

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