5 Steps to Get Started With Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Facebook Advertising – 5 Steps to Getting Started

Facebook advertising
is continuing to grow at an extremely rapid pace. For business owners, it presents a fantastic opportunity to reach a huge, and highly targeted, audience, with performance-based pricing and results. Check out the list of steps to getting started with Facebook advertising, as well as some information about whether or not it’s right for you.

facebook advertising

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Should I Be Using Facebook Advertising?

All small business owners have very limited marketing budgets.

So why should you use Facebook advertising?

One reason is that you produce much more targeted ads than you can with other networks and advertising outlets, such as Google Adwords. Another reason is that Facebook is where more and more people are spending their leisure time these
days. In this way, you’re reaching out to people where they are, instead of trying to find them in other places. Facebook advertising might not be for everyone, but it definitely offers some unique and valuable advantages.

5 Facebook Advertising Steps

1. Decide What to Promote:

You want a specific thing to promote with your Facebook advertising, not just a concept or a vague idea. It might be a new promotion or product, or it could even be your website or your Facebook page itself, but there has to be a specific theme and topic that lures people in and makes them check out what you have to say.

2. Pick your Market:
One of the great elements of Facebook advertising is that you can dig in and really pick out a very highly specific target audience. You can separate people by demographic information, as well as basic information such as their expressed likes and interests, education level, and much more, including the time of day they use the site. This means you can see some fantastic results from targeted ads.

3. Make the Ads Appealing:
Your ads have to be appealing, and with Facebook, you can include images into your ads to make them more attractive while driving up click through rates. The image needs to be eye-catching, and hopefully it makes people want to know more. The text should be short, sweet and relevant, and should help steer people in the right direction.

4. PPC or PPV:
One unique element of Facebook advertising is that you get to decide whether or not you want to advertise using pay-per-click or pay-per-view methods. This is as opposed to something such as Google Adwords, where it’s all PPC. PPC and PPV campaigns will be different from one another, and you have to consider your own goals before choosing. For example, are you trying to gain general awareness about yourself, or drive traffic directly?

5. Set your Budget:
Make sure you pick out a budget ahead of time that you will be comfortable with. Remember, your budget will be maxed out each day or time period that you set the ads to run, so you have to be ready to spend it if you set it. It’s best to start with a smaller budget, then work your way up as you start fine-tuning your results.

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