Using Cloud Technology for Your Business has never been easier…

If you are like Most businesses today your entire operation is run from an email program like Outlook or GMail and a bunch of excel spreadsheets or Word Documents along with MYOB or similar to do your accounting, a website that doesn’t connect to anything along with business and marketing systems that cost a fortune, are hard to use and not very productive for you or your team . Or, if you’re already using web apps then you would have quickly found that 3 or 4 or more different apps are needed just to run your business. These OLD SYSTEMS just don’t cut it in today’s business market place!
By using CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES you are now in the drivers seat.

Here is just a glimpse at what you can do:

    Have your website connect to the rest of your business systems in 1 easy to use admin area to save you time and create better efficiency
    Monitor and manage all sales/marketing campaigns in 1 place and see the results immediately
    Automatically capture projects, time-sheets, products, customer support, and more in one centralized billing system
    By Using Customer Relationship Management Systems you can have 1 place to manage all contact information with each client that can be accessed at the click of a button!
    Record time sheets, upload documents, create support team cases, add expenses and view all in real time.
    Through centralizing your business and marketing Systems you can track and monitor all your business operations from any where in the world.
    You can organize many of your daily activities such as tracking billable time with your staff or team
    Allocate new projects/tasks/leads etc to your team with the push of a button
    Built in help desk, live support and knowledge bases so you can support your customers needs in 1 place
    Have all your web forms connect into your business systems to eliminate the needs of multiple applications and costs
    Document management so you can have everything you need in 1 place for your team to access
Multiple shared calendars so your customers and team can see when you are available
Have you email marketing & Campaigns coordinated with your sales and marketing
Your team can log time sheets so you will know exactly who is doing what along with what clients they have been working on
Customer portals so you can communicate with your clients directly
Collaboration tools to allow you to work in teams all built in and integrated
Task management and to do lists for each client, project or campaign so everything is managed in 1 central location
Business automation tools to help you run your business to save time and money
Lots of integrations tools to work with other applications you maybe using already like Xero for accounting for more efficiency and effectiveness
Google apps integration to connect to your email, calendar and tasks lists you currently have
Along with lots of other apps to make your life easier
There is invoicing, billing and expense management to manage all your finances in 1 place.
Video creation for sales, marketing and training to help spread your company message more efficiently
And so much more…
What this means is by using internet-based software and marketing tools, that all work together you can manage your business so much more efficiently and effectively saving you thousands of dollars, increasing your productivity and ultimately increasing your profits so you can live your Life on Your Terms. We work as a cloud consultant and work with companies like: Google, Xero, Box, Vend, Worketc, WorkflowMax and many more. Save a fortune on your business IT costs; get rid of your server and move your business to the cloud to save you a fortune and give you more versatility and productivity.

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