The 7 key things you need to consider before building or developing your Small Business Website Design for your business.

IMPORTANT: These 7 Tips are essential for your Business success!

Your website is an essential part of your small business marketing strategy, and it is important to give your small business website design or website development, the attention it deserves. Your website is a marketing tool to help you.

Yes, your website must look good!

But times have changed from the old “Build it, and they will come” mentality. There are so many websites that get no traffic on the internet because of this philosophy and you serious have to consider your marketing plan for your business while you are designing your website, so they work together hand in glove.

When you are planning the design of your next small business website here are 7 items that are absolute musts to consider:

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89 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business


Learn 89 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business

Every business owner knows that time is money in a business. Every business owner says they would like to outsource those items in their business they don’t want to do but most business owner owners don’t know where to start.
Instead of having those ongoing weekly and monthly costs chipping away at your bottom line, why not outsource these and free up your time and money for other parts of your business.
Here’s a list of 89 ways a virtual assistant can help support your business to trim time and save money.

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91% of Businesses Don’t Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Get Your Website Checked Before You Get Punished By Google

Every business owners knows that the internet is going mobile friendly with more then 50% of all searches now conducted on a mobile phone.

What you may not know is over 29% of Australian Adults are Mobile only phone users – that means they have no home phone or internet and access the internet strictly from their mobile phone and this has jumped 40% in the last 4 years alone!

What most business owners don’t know is that in April 2015 that Google changed the way it ranks websites with better placement for mobile friendly websites because Google knows where the future lies.

Now, according to the Yahoo Small Business Advisor a staggering 91% of all Small to Mid Sized business websites are NOT mobile friendly and compatible – that’s 91% and YOU could be one of them!

What this means for you as a business owner is you could be sliding down the rankings and losing traffic to your website and profit for your business unless your website is mobile friendly.

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What they Say

“I have worked with Darren and the team many, many times and they are quite simply awesome. The challenge working with someone like myself is that I have very high standards and very short deadlines and every single time I asked Darren and the guys to deliver (even when I thought I was pushing my luck), they exceeded expectations.

If I needed a high quality animated sales video it was done… and all I ever had to do was the voiceover and they handled EVERYTHING else. If I need a website re-jigged, a sales page created, graphics designed, the team were always there and always produced great work.

Any amendments were done right first time, every time and for me that is critically important.

BUT the biggest advantage of using Darren and the team is that Darren not only has an incredible technical knowledge, he’s also a guy who has some fantastic online marketing skills too. This is a very, very rare breed…. a technical guy who can throw in his own thoughts that can improve your online marketing.

So do yourself and your wallet a favour… don’t go running off to e-lance or some $10,000 a go web builder who doesn’t have the first clue how to convert passive visitors into cash paying customers.

Give Darren a call and it’ll be the best decision you make for your online strategies”

Alan Furlong
Co Founder Business Renovators


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